I provide editing, proofreading, and ghostwriting services, honed through years of graduate-level academic research and my work as a freelance writer. I can provide:

A basic proofread includes review for grammatical errors, spelling, and style, according to any requested standard (Chicago, Associated Press, etc.) Proofreading is completed either on a hard copy of the manuscript or using Track Changes for an electronic edit.

Critique/General Evaluation
This includes a read-through and critique letter which points out major flaws and provides suggestions, without necessarily telling the writer in detail how to proceed. This is an excellent “second opinion” option for a writer who would like to retain control over the particulars.

Line Editing/Critique
This includes a proofread with all style corrections, substantive line-by-line notes on particular flaws, and a critique letter. This is the most thorough and effective option for most manuscripts.

Manuscript Doctoring
This includes a proofread, extensive rewriting, and fixing structure where needed for flow and accuracy. This is one step below a complete rewrite or ghostwriting. Excellent for completed manuscripts that need a seasoned writer’s touch to bring them to life.

This includes writing or rewriting an original manuscript from start to finish, after a consultation. Can be credited or uncredited as the project demands.

I tailor my rates based on the size, scope, and timeline of your project. Contact me with a short description of your project for a customized quote: aliciabyer@gmail.com